562 Beatty Street Vancouver, BC

562 Beatty Street Vancouver, BC

My MOH and I have this very relaxed relationship. It seems like we try to get together daily and we don’t see each other for months, but when it works it works, and we pick up right where we left off! So last night we decided to meet each other downtown for some drinks and dinner. Walked by Gotham on the way there and, to be honest, couldn’t wait another five minutes for a drink so we slipped in for one..or two drinks… Another night were going to have to go there for dinner but tonight it was about Chambar.

Chambar is a Belgium restaurant owned by a husband and wife. They also say a little bit on their website about being carbon neutral, green, and their ethics. check it out..

In a nut shell…

Glowing atmosphere that you could take a date, or have a night out on the town with your friends and family. Great staff which are kind and friendly. Exceptional food, your not going to find an innovative menu with this ambiance at any other restaurant. I would go back in a heart beat…just next time I might try something else. They really have something special here. Highly recommended.

Great place to catch up with my lady

How I got in a nut shell..

First impressions

This restaurant has something magical about it, it glows and you feel so happy just walking in. You know its fine dining, but its not stuffy, just relaxing.


The staff was really friendly, sat us down right away, and our waiter come over pretty quick. We had the ball rolling already so we ordered a bottle of white wine, and he got that back to us pretttyyy fast. Mind you, it was drank just as fast…


We ordered an appy. Boeuf et morilles (Chicago style beef striploin, candied morels, cippolini onion rings, pine nuts, grated parmesan.) It was beautifully presented, and tasted amazing! The beef melts in your mouth and everything went so well with each other. To be COMPLETELY honest, neither of us could get ourselves to try the candied morels..its was all about the texture for me…but I am sure they would have went so well with it. I would definitely order it again.

MOH had Canard et chèvre (Spiced rubbed duck breast, Okanagan herb goat cheese, roasted hazelnuts, ricotta gnocchi, sauce bigarade.)
Although it was not really what she expected, it was delicious. (I would go back just so I can personally have the duck). It, however, isn’t your normal duck, not fall off the bone, melt in your mouth duck. It was almost cooked like a steak, she didn’t mind at all, I actually preferred it. I am picky about duck, I find sometimes it tastes a little too greasy, but this was perfected. Then you add in the ricotta gnocchi, the goat cheese, the sauce and you blow me away. I have no idea how they came up with all theses ingredients together but I hope they never change any of it.

I had the Le Ragoût du chasseur (Venison short loin, elk meat balls, truffled wild boar salami, fresh pasta, golden beet & forest mushroom ragout, lingonberries.)

I am going to let you in on a little secret. I will be trying a lot of “maybe” dishes (these are dishes that I might like, never have tried before, outside my box). I know 100% what I love but if I always ate that, then there would be no critiquing and you would maybe get reviews on 2 dishes over and over again. I am  trying to go outside my comfort zone, and sometimes I’m shocked, other times I just concentrate on saying “maybe” that dish isn’t for me. I am telling you my PREFERENCE of food, so please don’t take it to heart. Someone else may really like the dish, just today I tried it and I’m telling you what I liked about it and what I didn’t.

I really enjoyed all the meat itself. The venison, elk and wild boar salami was delicious. They all were cooked perfectly, the pasta was a sheet of pasta over the beet and mushroom ragout, which was different and I really liked it. The sauce itself, I didn’t really enjoy. It wasn’t bad, but it had cloves and cinnamon in it, and for me it was too much spice for the dish. I mean, I already have venison, elk and boar on my plate, then we add some clove and cinnamon? Others might say it paired really well, just not for me. I will say it was COMPLETELY different for me, and maybe that is why I did not like it? If you want to go outside your box, try it and see what you think. As for me, I will pass on it next time and try something else.

Price $$$

Its fine dining! So it was a little pricey and if you ordere a bottle of wine it will add up, but it was worth every penny.

Again, you are not going to find a menu like this anywhere else. Unique and exciting.

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2 thoughts on “Chambar

  1. Corey always adds cinnamon to his seasonings who he cooks venison. everyone who I tell this to makes a funny face. But you’ve given proof that he isn’t the only one doing. Granted Corey just uses a hint. It’s taken me 3 years to figure out his mystery spice 🙂 next time I visit can we go here??

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