Hello World

So here it is,
I feel as though when you go to a restaurant it is suppose to be able spoiling yourself. I want to sit down at a restaurant because I do not feel like cooking, I want a romantic date night with my fiance, I want to spend time with my father, I want to laugh with friends, and of course just sometimes there is wanting to be professional in a nice setting.

I remembered when I traveled around Italy, no matter where I ate it was an adventure. I was taking on a journey with different courses, the ambiance, the waiter, and then the food its self with the talented chef. The Italians, in my opinion, make your love for food on a whole other level. After all, that is what your paying for, the experience.

Restaurant in Rimini, Italy. Not knowing what I had ordered…

I also really like cooking, and I LOVE baking. I really try to have the family over any chance there is some sort of holiday so I can bake and cook, and I love looking into every new recipe I can possible find. Its fun for me and I love sharing food with friends and family.

So this is how its going to work,

Every time I go to a restaurant I will write about it. Ill tell you how I felt, what I ordered, how it tasted, my whole experience, the whole journey. Any new recipe I try, Ill share with you, and tell you what I liked about it, maybe what I changed in it. I also have really great cooks surrounding me. I have family and friends that love to cook, I have family that are vegans, vegetarians, carnivores! I am from a Hungarian family, so I have the LOVE for the European dishes. I will eventually go through a list of my favorites with you, who cooked them for me, maybe even their recipe (providing that they will give it up!)

Also, If you are curious about a restaurant or want me to try a recipe that you found, and here my thoughts on it, just leave me a comment and I will try my best!

That’s it for now!

Bon Appetit!


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